Hi dear future client,

Our office is a super important part of the company, it’s our own micro environment and second home. You are invited for a virtual tour! Come on in and you are very welcome!

Communication is a key so the office space is divided into three parts: the open space where almost all of our employees are residing, coffee space, and meeting room.

In the open space the employees are grouped by projects and are located in the way for the teams to be together for the sake of much easier communication and their own very special atmosphere.

In the open space we also have an HR manager, individual employees (that are working on their projects alone without the teammates by their side), CEO and CTO. We also have a little lounge zone with comfy bag chairs where the employees can relax while working or have a little chat with each other.

We have the white board corner that we use to better express our visions and ideas or just to draw something fun.

The coffee space is where the coffee machine is located and where we have a kitchen zone for lunch or just having snacks and coffee doping. The magic of this space is that the coffee and treats are always there 😉

The meeting room is a super quiet and private space. For anything more confidential than the regular work activity and also for calls with clients and 1-on-1 discussions we use this room. It’s also useful for moments when you need to to think about something or just want to be alone. 

At the office we feel safe, the office building is protected by the dedicated guards with entrance granted exclusively to the employees, no strangers are allowed. The cameras are here to ensure security. It is also equipped with the emergency generators that are engaged during the electricity outages and severe weather conditions. We have two independent Internet providers with high speed Internet and secured connection. Our CTO is responsible for Cyber Security and is certified Cisco Networks Security Administrator. All the computers we are using are powerful and not older than 2020, we don’t like it when computers are slower than the speed of light our thoughts.

At GVS we like to have fun together in the office and outside of it. We believe that a pizza and a good laugh shared with teammates can vanish even the toughest day.

Briefly, we like it here!