Today we outsource everything – from making your morning coffee by a professional barista to your bookkeeping and house cleaning. This is only natural and up-to-the-time we live in. Here are 5 reasons that will explain why an Outsource agency is not an external team but the essential part of your business.

Let me showcase it in the following way: my clients former fears and fear killers:

1. Fear: The external team will not be as engaged as my internal team can be.

Fear killer: To start with, in GVS this is never true. The company is designed to cover the needs of our clients and all the agents are assigned to a specific project, by project we mean a separate business that has hired us. That means that every agent is associating themselves with the business they are working for, they use “we” to talk about it, are fully involved in all the processes that were delegated to them and even more, sometimes, when they notice some kinds of discrepancies or when something is going wrong in the part of business that we are not officially responsible for, they do come to me with that and ask me to make aware the business owners. This way, we were able to catch the warehouse barcodes issues, the website outages, fraudulent transactions, BBB claims, quality issues and so much more.

2. Fear: The outsource team is not part of my organization, they work for someone else.

Fear killer: Here at GVS we hire and train people to make them part of your team, there is nothing else they are supposed to do for the GVS itself since we are delivering services to our clients. 

3. Fear: I cannot control them
Fear killer: As per the live statistics by Forbes US a big share of employees are at least 25% less effective working from home full time in comparison to regular office work. Google is about to decrease the salary for the employees who work from home without at least 3 days a week of office working. This is something we have noticed too and that is why we are working from the office even during the lockdown*. At the office it is much easier to set up some control measures, easier to communicate with the team. We also provide reports on the work done on a regular basis and upon request, but usually this question is not even raised because who would care about it if all the work is done?

*Due to the current local Laws only the offices that deal with visitors should be closed. Since our employees are vaccinated, are keeping social distance and do not deal with visitors we can continue working even during the lockdown.

4. Fear: How do I know the quality will be decent?
Fear killer: The quality of our services is something we are taking pride in. At GVS we have gathered the professionals with different yet very useful backgrounds and we benefit from the cross team communication to share and spread the knowledge and experience. We have the system of onboarding the junior specialists who are assigned for training with middle and senior colleagues that are also responsible for quality assurance and additional training sessions if needed. Every team has its own dedicated Project manager to whom they report, who is responsible for the quality of their work and who is the main point of contact with the client.

5. Fear: What if they disappear or what do I have as guarantee
Fear killer: Trust is something we gain over time but to start with we can secure our relationship with the NDA and the Contract signed*. This way you can be 100% sure that your and your customers’ personal data is secured and the terms of cooperation are clearly defined and strictly respected. We treasure the opportunity to work with you and are very flexible, we are here to cover or reinforce your team even during the holidays period.
*don’t have the NDA or Contract? No worries, we have it ready, you can use our templates

Do you have anything else that I haven’t covered here?
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